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Home Staging


After living in their home for even a short time, it’s impossible for most Sellers to view their own space objectively.  A professional Home Stager will “see” your living space through the eyes of prospective buyers, know how to “neutralize” it without making it uninteresting, and will make it stand out from competing properties in your area. 


Good on-line photos will convince Realtors to show your house, and prospective buyers to want to view it.  An experienced Home Stager knows how to make your home really photogenic, and will partner closely with your Realtor and their photographer. 

Beyond first impressions, a professional Home Stager uses established design techniques and well-proven market data to make prospective buyers feel instantly connected to your home when they walk in; the goal is to create an emotional response that makes a buyer really fall in love with your home.




Tired of how your home looks, but don’t want to live with months of mess and workmen?  Redesign may be the best solution.  It’s amazing what a difference a few, clever design changes can make in how a room feels and flows.

Redesign is also a great alternative to remodeling.  Sometimes painting those kitchen cabinets works just as well as replacing them; bathrooms can be updated for a whole new look with minor changes, too.




We all have too much in our home, and not enough time to deal with it. But a poorly-organized home can be both stressful and very time-consuming; when we’re just dealing with belongings and messes, we’re taking time away from the important things in life.  When things are poorly-organized, we often spend more time just trying to find them.  And, when big changes occur in our lives, we feel the need to re-organize and declutter.  


A professional organizer can help to lighten the load by teaching you some simple, time-saving techniques for better organization, and tips to make things easier to manage going forward.


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