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To most of us, a disorganized or messy home environment is stressful; time spent looking for things is time we don’t have for the better and more important things in life. But research shows that about 90% of us can’t visualize our space looking substantially different – or better-organized. And it’s well-established that after about one year, we no longer “see” our home environment, because our brain has formed habits that enable us to move around it without thinking about each action.  

But we all get to a point where we want to lighten our load, or we need to down-size. Children have grown up and moved out, we may be moving, or perhaps another life change has occurred to make us want or need to re-organize.

Deciding where to put things in a new house can also be a challenge, because we haven’t yet formed those habits about how we will move around the new space.

And when we move into or live in a small space, organization becomes critical. 

Using knowledge of human behavior and tried-and-true techniques, a professional organizer will:

  • Teach you how to prioritize (what goes, what stays)

  • Greatly shorten the time needed to organize or re-organize, using proven methods

  • Help you find the right (most convenient) place for everything, based on how you live

  • Make the best use of the space you have, and often find more space 

  • If needed, help you choose the right storage media, at the best price, and

  • Teach you how to keep your space organized going forward.


Moving Preparation

A professional organizer can be invaluable in helping to prepare for a move, so that nothing is moved that doesn’t need to be, and you can find everything right away in your new home. 

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